Textile visual and conceptual art by Stine Weirsøe Flamant
dayindayin art


Why do you like making art with embroidery and hand-tufting?

I like how both belong to a female realm. Both are techniques used by women to create things for domestic life. In the art world, these techniques are usually frowned upon. I like that – in my choice of medium I can make my own innate feminist rebellion. I also find embroidery and hand-tufting to be powerful vehicles for what my art is about. There is something forceful about using discriminated techniques for my art. I feel like my voice rises higher and sound sharper when I work with textile art.

Why do you work in so many different art mediums?

Well, there are at least two reasons. One is my disability. I have different chronic issues (both physical and mental). that means that I have to switch between different tools, techniques and workplaces. I need to be able to work from the bed or the sofa. That’s where I do most of my embroidery. I also work with sketching and digital drawing from there. Tufting and painting require something else. Hand tufting with a so-called speedtufter; a manually operated mechanical punchneedle, is right in some situations. Painting is another animal; forceful and liberating. But I can’t work with the same thing for very long.

Another thing is that I’m a very restless artist. I get bored easily. Or maybe it’s because I am way too curious to limit myself to one medium or technique. But I like to think that the reason is that I have found my voice. I now know how to say what I want in different mediums.

Are your works for sale?

Some are. Right now you can contact me through the contact form below for enquiries.

Do you take commissions?

I would actually love to. However, my capability is limited, so it would have to be something very amazing. I have some sketches for hand-tufted pieces that are available for pre-order or commissions. Use the contact form below if you want to talk commission.

How about an art collaboration?

Again, it’s difficult for me, see under the question about commissions. But you can always try to run it by me if you have a great idea!

But I’d really like to know…..

Yeah, you would, wouldn’t you! Good thing you can ask me here.

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