Textile visual and conceptual art by Stine Weirsøe Flamant
dayindayin art


Meet Textile Artist Stine Weirsøe Flamant

I am a textile artist involved in a love affair with embroidery and hand tufting. Slowly and gently, my artistic voice sounds more and more familiar to me.

We all have superpowers. Mine is making something out of nothing. Colour is the fabric of my entire being.

I am curious about ‘the human condition’. How to be human in these strange times. What humanity looks like when you observe from the edges – or from deep within.

My disability (chronic autoimmune pain syndrome) and my personal history is the canvas for every artwork I create. I consider myself an outsider artist.

Sometimes my art is literal; working with words and sentences taken from what I see and read and then enlarging them on embroidery fabric is one way I work. Sometimes the political aspect is more subtle or more personal. That’s when motive, myself and my personal questions make a synthesis with my themes and my mediums. Creating large or smaller hand-tufted art-pieces drawing on everyday life and my intimate surroundings is another way.

You might spot me at flea markets, op-shops and rummaging long-forgotten boxes of materials in attics and cellars. Working with high-quality salvaged and repurposed supplies pushes me artistically. It also makes me happy. When found material doesn’t cut it, my stash grows with sustainably sourced and produced art-making supplies.

Most of my time is spent at home, though. Either in my tiny studio or in bed cultivating ideas or recuperating.